Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Jessica" hook is traveling

The hook project is off the ground now. It is going to Tristi in Ohio first. I wanted to send it somewhere close, hoping it would arrive to her before the week was over. Being it is is cold right now I even crocheted it a little cover to keep warm. I sent it out in Jimbo's original box as any of us that have ever received a hook from Jimbo knows what that little box is the minute we glance it in our mailbox. Of course it is also wrapped in Jimbo's famous red felt as I wanted to make sure that it had an extra cushiony ride , no bumpy rides for our precious delivery.


AnneRose said...

Please add me to the list as a contributor to this project.
AnneRose on Ravelry

Joymama said...

Will you be posting a list so we'll know approximately when to expect the hook?

Looking forward to it!