Thursday, January 17, 2008

Traveling hook for Freidreich's Ataxia

Jimbo from Jimbo's Front Porch wants to start a traveling hook project to assist in the cure for Freidreich's Ataxia.

He would like people to use a hook that he donates to create items to sell and then donate the proceeds from that sale to

I will compile a list of those wishing to help and set up a traveling schedule, the hook will travel approximately once a week, as it will depend on the amount of time required to make your project. We do required delivery confirmation as that way we can watch where it is, that is part of the fun. The hook will begin at one spot and then "travel" to the next person on the list until it reaches the last person, with a long list of participants, it could travel for a year.

I would love you to join the effort. You may e-mail your information to me, including e-mail and street address to angelfire4u4ever at hotmail dot com. I will send you an invitation to help author this blog so that you may post pictures and post your experience with the traveling hook. I hope to have many people help with this effort.