Saturday, February 23, 2008

The hook is completed

Jimbo has the hook on his blog, it is beautiful. I am looking forward to holding it and knowing that I can help a great cause at the same time. It has been decided that we will all make a square to make an afghan for Jessica ( after whom the hook is named),also any additional squares will be made into afghans for others afflicted with FA
We would also appreciate any donation to FARA to help find a cure. All donations are accepted. Click on the link at Jimbo's blog to make a donation through him(PayPal) or to the FARA link in this blog to make it directly from their site. As soon as we get a few more participants I can give you a general idea of when you may receive this wonderful gift that Jimbo has made to help raise funds for FA research.

Thank you Jimbo for your kindness, let's start crocheting and get those donations rolling in.